Can we have a very direct, adult conversation?

Culture and cultural differences are having some impact on virtually every one of us today.  Culture impacts the way our organization, our businesses, and our communities work.  There are cultural differences within families today. 

These cultural differences have real impact.  In organizations and businesses, this can impact customer service, quality, productivity, cost of goods sold. It can have an impact in careers, and career development, and most importantly it can impact our experience of work and our commitment to contribute at the level we desire.  It often is the source of the disengagement that is prevalent in many organizations. 

What Authenticity makes possible.  Through the act of accepting oneself, we inevitably accept others, and in doing so, eliminate the barriers between us.  When those barriers are removed the avenues of communication are opened.  Collaboration and discourse are allowed; it can get messy and from that mess, creativity, innovation, and new ideas arise.  More importantly, people have the experience of being seen and heard.  The environment is one that everyone matters, hierarchy is reduced, silos are disassembled and an environment of team work and shared vision becomes possible.  

I recently had the opportunity to see The Dead and Company play at the Shoreline Theater in Mountain View, California. This was so cool in so many ways. First and foremost, spending an cool star lit evening in a park like setting in the Bay Area in early July lives in the realm of “not sucking.” Add in “The Dead”, on their home turf, in an arena built specifically for them and doing so with a new colleague, client, friend, and fellow “Dead Appreciator” made it all that much more awesome…