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Our July TLE - CHICAGO meeting

  • TLE Global Headquarters 3100 South Oak Park Avenue Berwyn, IL, 60402 United States (map)


Out last meeting we focused on UNCERTAINTY. And often the remedy to all the UNCERTAINTY is UNDERSTANDING.

But what does that really mean?

Well, the first place to look is where in your business do you not currently and clearly UNDERSTAND?

We can look at the four common problem areas (quiz yourself on this and see what you discover.)

CUSTOMER/CLIENT RELATIONS - Do you UNDERSTAND your customers and clients? Do they UNDERSTAND you? This includes marketing, promotional and branding, right? 
Is all of that clear?

TEAM MANAGEMENT - How well does your team UNDERSTAND the business, the mechanics of how it all works and the roles and responsibilites of everyone else on the team? Does your team UNDERSTAND your VISION, MISSION and VALUES (for that matter, do you?)

ENVIRONMENT AND STRUCTURE - Does your environment and structure help you UNDERSTAND your business better? The finances, the system, and all that?

LEADERSHIP - Do you clearly and deeply UNDERSTAND your role as a leader in your organization? Do you UNDERSTAND how you get triggered, stuck, blocked and lost or slammed into defaults? Do you UNDERSTAND the distinction between leadership and management?

And finally, do you UNDERSTAND that TLE is here to truly help you make a profound difference in your Leadership and your Business.

So come to our next TLE meeting. Our commitment is that by the end you are able to leave with a deeper and more powerful UNDERSTANDING of your business and your success..

You can read more about TLE and what we do here. But the best way to find out is to show up.

And this first meeting is free so the only thing that's in the way of your success is you.

Our member meetings provide a different deep focus in Leadership and Business success, layered with out powerful TLE model and foundation.

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings, we spend the end of the day in a peer group/ coaching/ Leadership development/ Business success group where we address your real issues head on, create a deeper awareness, establish a solid plan of action and accountability and send you on your way to make a powerful difference in your business.

Throughout our meetings , we’ll also be incorporating special topics to not only support the immediate learning and discovery and apply to the specific issues that you’re dealing with or the action steps you want to take on to generate the results you want, but we’re also building a stronger foundation so you can take it on your own.

Being cause in the matter (100% Responsible)
Following a Purpose that’s greater than you
Your own personal Purpose
Big audacious goals
Client interaction
Team building
Internal Structure, Tools and Environment
Production of Results
Competing and Colliding Commitments

And we’ll even occasionally have a guest speaker to bring insight, structure and value in other areas.