Mike Shereck, CEO

A passionate visionary, Mike Shereck found himself pulled over on the side of the road- overwhelmed by the deep calling he felt to create a community for leaders that would ultimately be his legacy. He has a relentless stand for humans getting everything they want. Mike holds the vision for this team, and for what powerful Leadership can bring to this world. In his spare time he rides his Harley and complains about technology.

LIKES: Unicorn Ranches



Ben Dooley, Director of Programming

Part magician, poet and Master Certified Coach- Ben Dooley brings the brilliance and technical training to the TLE team, while providing the much needed comic relief (in a professional voice over voice). Ben is devoted to developing leaders and coaches into masters themselves. Ben guides our programming and ensures we deliver the highest level of training to our members. He’s a ninja in the kitchen, and sometimes finds himself pretending to be other people on stage.

LIKES: Existential Conversations & Good Food

DISLIKES: Confusion & Black Licorice


Sarah Crawford, Director of Member Experience

The heart and soul of this team, Sarah Crawford is a gifted empath, coach, mother and healer. She is a powerhouse, no BS kinda gal who also spreads glitter and possibility to all. Sarah is a huge advocate for self-care and that every human is seen, heard and valued. Sarah guides the member experience aspect of TLE, ensuring the quality and care of each human we engage with. If Mother Theresa and Janis Joplin had a baby- it would be Sarah Crawford.

LIKES: Epsom Salt Baths

DISLIKES: The Patriarchy