Get ready to create a successful, sustainable and contributing business that you love


Going it alone in business? Have you found success and now "the struggle is real"? Are you merely surviving this business in the hope that one day the challenges will subside and success will finally appear? Look no further, you’ve found your people.  We are TLE and we are here to help you with the inner game of leadership, so that you can build, grow and sustain a business you love.

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Our Mission

TLE creates and provides a structure, and environment; for LEADERS to build, grow, and sustain successful, fulfilling, and contributing businesses and communities

What is TLE?


TLE is the Experience that will Transform your Leadership so you can easily identify where you are stuck in your business, the true source of your trouble spots and all the problems that are slowing your success.

Are you a Leader?
The answer is YES.
EVERYONE is a Leader.
The next question is:
”What kind of leader do you want to be?”

At the same time, we are here to help you deepen your Vision, Mission and Values while establishing your Leadership so that you can powerfully show up in your business, inspire others, focus on your tasks, accomplish your goals and create the success that you deserve.